The Excuse

The collaboration of Adam Cogan and Profesone is long over due.  Their joint venture on the web comic Shadow Chasers was announced back in May 2016. No pages have seen the light of day nor has been mentioned until now.

When Profesone (artist and co-creator) was asked why, 5LM was surprised at the answer.  “With hurricane Mary and hurricane Harvey looming over Miami where I currently live and then Harvey threatening Houston where my kids live, I still have to say the only reason I am so behind on Shadow Chasers is due to me not being focused.  I realized I need help.  I am trying to do too many things at the same time.”

Next Steps

Profesone went on to express how he feels guilty about dropping the ball.   He speaks with the other half of the creative team and writer Adam Cogan.  “I spoke with Adam and expressed that I am sorry and he understood.”  “I want to just focus on what I know which is just illustration and not coloring or lettering.”.  Profesone continues with “I still plan on finishing Shadow Chasers and will start posting a work schedule on my site to keep everyone updated.”

We will post their progress here at 5LM.